cruising Cruising is probably the most enjoyable activity for most people, as it can be comprehensive enough to include all the popular water-sports activities such as snorkelling and diving, good food and island hopping.
It is certainly one of the best means of letting yourself become part of the natural beauty and witnessing the wonders found above and beneath the Maldivian seas and lagoons. The glowing reefs combined with rich fauna and flora would no doubt leave an indelible mark in your memory for the rest of your life. You would be engrossed in the most cooling and refreshing experience as you spend your days snorkeling, diving, fishing, windsurfing or just sitting on the deck as the blue sea unfolds more of its islands.

The whole experience becomes even more memorable during the sunsets. The colourful sky in the distant horizon with, seabirds flying in the foreground, has never stopped impressing the visitors nor the locals. The moment becomes still special as you dine under the starry sky. The crew would make sure that you are served with fresh tuna or barracuda complemented by salads and fresh fruits, a favourite of many.

Your choice of the right boat is very important to avoid you from ending up with a hectic holiday. A helpful tip for those travelling to join cruises is to travel light. Enough information should be obtained before you finalise your choice of the cruise. Cruises can be arranged in groups of 4 – 6 to larger groups of 10 – 12. Be sure the boat is spacious and contain enough toilets. Established cruising operators will have spares and good equipment and excellent safety measures all for the convenience of the guests. Naturally food accounts for a perfect holiday and be careful not to end up with only spicy food as some people are sensitive to high level of spices. Most cruises however come with a wonderful chef. Experienced diving instructors are found in all safaris and many of them can speak English, Italian and German and few other main languages such as Japanese.

A majority of the cruisers normally use the central atolls located to the North and South of the capital where tourist services are more readily available and at the same time have some of the best and most famous diving spots in the Maldives. Within these atolls are also many virgin uninhabited islands, a dream far away from the modern hectic civilisation. You will get an opportunity to visit fishing villages for some experience in the unique Maldivian culture.